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SEAOCC endeavors to keep its membership apprised of the ever-changing landscape of structural engineering. One of the ways the association achieves this goal is by making available publications about the most recent building codes, research, and design tools in the field.

  SEAOCC Dimensions Newsletter
The SEAOCC Dimensions Newsletter is a monthly publication dedicated to informing and showcasing the SEAOCC membership. The Newsletter has been in print since SEAOCC’s inception and in 2010 became an e-newsletter. In each edition, members are notified about upcoming events, recent Code changes, and current job opportunities. The Newsletter also highlights keynote member projects, key people in the Central California structural engineering community, and local perspectives on engineering topics of the day. Please visit our Newsletters page to view current and past editions.
  SEAOCC Seminar and Webinar Notes
When available, PDF notes from recent SEAOCC seminars and webinars are free to event attendees and are also available to other members for a nominal fee. Please fill out and submit the Publications Order Form to request your copy.
  SEAOCC Membership Meeting DVD
Video footage of recent SEAOCC membership meeting presentations are free to event attendees and are available for purchase by other members for $10. Please fill out and submit the Publications Order Form to request your copy.
  SEAOC Blue Book: Seismic Design Recommendations of the SEAOC Seismology Committee
Did you know that members of SEAOCC can access the SEAOC Blue Book for FREE? The Blue Book articles cover a wide variety of seismic principles, addressing everything from the code development process to analysis procedures to material-specific design recommendations to design and detailing of combined systems. For instructions on how to access these articles, please visit SEAOC’s website.
  SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manuals
The SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manuals provide a step-by-step approach to applying the structural provisions of the building code. In three volumes, this series contains dozens of design examples for practical application of structural and seismic provisions. Individual volumes or the complete series may be purchased through ICC's website.
  Other SEAOC Publications
SEAOC offers a diverse collection of current and historic technical publications and design guidelines that are available for purchase on SEAOC's website.
  Discounted ICC Publications
Did you know that SEAOC members receive ICC member rates on all ICC Publications? This represents a savings of up to 25% on most of the publications that civil and structural engineers use in their daily practice!  Log in to the Members Area and then scroll down about half way to "ICC Publication Discounts" to access your SEAOC discount.