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There are always exciting things going on in SEAOCC, SEAOC, and NCSEA. We’ll try to keep you updated about important developments and events with periodic articles and announcements on this page.

President’s Message
Periodically, SEAOCC’s sitting President will issue a state-of-the-association message to the membership. You can access the most recent President’s Message (pdf) to find out about important issues in the organization and learn where your help is most needed. Additionally, the front page of each monthly Dimensions newsletter includes a message from the President. Please visit our Newsletters page to view current and past editions.

SEAOCC Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards
The Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards exist to publicly acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of structural engineering and to educate the public about the contributions of Structural Engineers to the built environment and public safety. Members are encouraged to submit projects that demonstrate outstanding achievement and excellence in structural engineering practice. Please download the SEAOC/SEAOCC Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards Call for Entries for more information about the awards and entry requirements.

Please visit our Project Spotlight page to read about the most current winners in each category.

SEAOC and NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards
The state and national Structural Engineers Associations also give awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of their members in the field of structural engineering. Please visit SEAOC’s website at for entry information and past winners of the state association’s Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards.

Please visit NCSEA’s website at for entry information and past winners of the national council’s Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards.

New Web Site Launched For Single Family Houses
Concerned about the apparent lack of involvement of structural engineers by home builders and residential code bodies in the development of disaster-proof single family houses, Ken Luttrell and Joe Warnes have been studying the problem for several years.  Many codes for wood-framed home building have become prescriptive, in effect, obviating the need for rational engineering services.  Last year's tornadoes were in a way a wake up call that single family homes and their occupants were very vulnerable to these killer storm forces. And little was being done about it, to a great extent resulting from ignorance about what could be done to fix the problem. To this end, the authors have developed a comprehensive website about how to design and build disaster-proof single family houses. Launched in July 2012, the site has attracted substantial interest, in fact rising to the first page of the Google search engine and others in only three weeks. Thousands of hits have come from all over the world. To access the site, go to  

Ken and Joe are now turning their attention to disaster-proof multi-family residential housing. In addition to the houses being structurally adequate to resist tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes, being constructed of reinforced concrete they are also fireproof and termite-proof, a topic of considerable publicity currently in the Western States, especially in California and Colorado, and a matter of substantial financial concern to insurance companies.

Communications Committee Articles and Op-Eds
One of the primary goals of the Communications Committee is to improve positive public awareness of Structural Engineering in order to increase recognition of and respect for the profession.  Towards this effort, the committee has produced op-ed pieces, press releases, and journal articles on a variety of topics.  Some of the most recent documents may be downloaded using the links below.  We are always looking for story ideas, so if there is a topic or issue you think we should be promoting or bringing to the public eye, please contact the Communications Committee chair.

Aug. 2014 - Napa California Earthquake – Structural Engineers Association of California Responds (pdf)
Oct. 2011 – Homeowners Encouraged to Improve Earthquake Performance of Homes (pdf)
Sep. 2011 – Opinion Piece: Why Are We Still Building Skyscrapers After 9-11? (pdf)
May 2011 – California Structural Engineers Urge State Lawmakers to Help At-Risk Public Schools (pdf)
Mar. 2011 – Structural Engineers Call for More Stringent Building Standards After Quake in Japan (pdf)
Jan. 2011 – Structural Engineers Urge California Governor to Support Hospital Upgrades for Public Safety (pdf)
Nov. 2010 – A National Exam for Structural Engineers: What It Means for California’s Engineers (pdf)
Oct. 2010 – New Zealand Quake Gives Californians Another Wake-Up Call (pdf)
Oct. 2010 – Californians Need To Shake Their Legislators Into Action (pdf)
Oct. 2009 – Structural Engineers Design For Earthquake Safety (pdf)