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The leadership of SEAOCC is a volunteer effort by members serving on the Board of Directors or on one or more Committees. The organization recognizes members who have demonstrated exemplary service to the profession and to SEAOCC by promoting those members to the level of Fellow.

Bylaws & Policies
Bylaws and Policies establish the rules by which SEAOCC entities conduct Association business. SEAOCC operations are performed in accordance with the Association Bylaws (pdf). The Bylaws outline the details of membership, including descriptions of membership grades, process of admission, transfers of grade, leaves of absences, dues, and governing structure. Amendments to the Bylaws are proposed by the Board of Directors or by the membership through petition as issues arise. Most changes to the Bylaws require a two-thirds majority vote from the membership for adoption into the Bylaws. In addition, an established set of Policies and Procedures (pdf) are followed for day-to-day operations. SEAOCC’s Harassment Policy (pdf) helps guard against discrimination or harassment.